My Approach

So, a bit about my approach to this blog.

I’m going to assume you’re reading TechnicaLee for only 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. You don’t read Tech reviews and figure I have your answers;
  2. You already read Engadget, but need more direct advice from someone who knows you; or
  3. You like me and feel like you’ll offend me if you make a purchase without checking with me.

I appreciate those of you in #3; you would have all saved a lot of money in the past (those of you with an HD-DVD player, or a Sony Vaio laptop know who you are…), but you don’t really seem to have learned your lessons, thus, my approach is to target the 1s and 2s.

I’ll try to get right to my advice and spend less time on the actual reviews. I don’t get preview products for hands-on reviews, I don’t have equipment to do benchmarks and comparisons, and I am happy to write without getting paid, so clearly I can’t replace the pros. If you find this helpful, send me your questions (here, quora, twitter, whatever) and I’ll try to reply.

If you’re looking for something in more depth, I’ve already suggested Engadget, and other sites I like include TomsHardware, Lifehacker, ArsTechnica, and CNET.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for reading.

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