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Yes, you should buy the new MacBook…

The new MacBook does away with standard power, USB, and display ports in favor of a single “C” port. This is the docking station solutions Mac users have been waiting for, and you shouldn’t fear it. If you’re ready for an upgrade, this laptop is for you.

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I’ve taken too much time off from writing here.  I’m sorry.  In large part my lag has been the new baby, the switch to the new job, and the hunt for the house in the suburbs. The other problem is that I haven’t gotten as many personal tech questions lately that require explanation, BUT no […]

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Why HBO should offer HBO GO directly to consumers

De ne neh ne neh ne neh ne neh…  The iconic HBO theme song from the 80s still stirs excitement for me and I’m guessing many of you as well.  Growing up with HBO as the sole premium movie service in our household, and with the local video store and Blockbuster not playing a key […]

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How can I watch Internet video on my TV? (Part 3)

In Part 1 of this post, I explained that the question of how to watch “Internet video” on TV means different things depending on who’s asking.  I explained that people can mean: How can you watch streaming services (primarily Netflix, but see also AOL HD for a bit on what I’ve been up to at work) from […]

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A quick note on the death of Steve Jobs (and Michael Jackson)

Ashton Kutcher summed up what many of us have been feeling in a short tweet this morning: @aplusk ashton kutcher I never thought I could be so busted up about the loss of someone I never met. #stevejobs Now, I consider myself among the lucky ones for at least having met him (after his interview at D8, The […]

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No, you should not get the iPhone 4S…

… Unless you love Apple and didn’t get the iPhone 4. Today Apple held their latest iPhone event where everyone expected the announcement of the new iPhone5.  After over 2 hours of following their announcement (most of which we had heard before, when Apple announced the release of their new mobile operating system to developers), […]

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Is iTunes Match Worth It or should you use another Streaming Music Service?

For those who haven’t heard, tomorrow marks the next big announcement from Apple about the iPhone.  There are many expectations for what we will see.  It is almost certain the iPhone 5 will be shown and possibly a new iPhone 4S, though reports on that are conflicting.  What is also widely suspected is that tomorrow […]

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You should use online password managers

Sincere apologies for the long delay in getting this post out, and thanks to @justinlamo for the question: “Are on-line password storage sites safe?” Per my promise to all of you to get to the point first, the quick answer: Not 100%, but you should use them anyway. And the longer response: How many times […]

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You should NOT buy the Kindle Fire

Yes, an Amazon tablet is a GREAT idea. The MP3 service, the streaming movie service, their app store, BOOKS… But the Kindle Fire isn’t it. As widely publicized, it is HIGHLY likely that this device is a stopgap, and the second generation device will be out in under 6 months. I think the original article […]

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Why Google+ should publish to Twitter & Facebook, and You Should Too

The walled-garden vs. open architecture approach to the web has been raging since the early days of the Internet.  AOL perfected the walled-garden with its keyword search while we were all on dial-up access, but the web (and AOL) have since moved on.  Which is why it was a bit surprising to see Google+ (still in project mode, admittedly) […]

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